Kickstart to Clutter Free

YOU CAN BE FREE of the clutter once and for all by learning and implementing simple strategies that I know work... because it's how I got FREE from the clutter was taking over my life.

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"I was not prepared for the emotional relief that would come from decluttering. I had no idea how much brain space the stress associated with clutter took up. I feel like I have more hours in the day and more energy now that I'm finally free."

- Tonya K

"I have learned so much through this process about the ways clutter affects not only my house but my body and my mental health too. I am learning to let go of stuff that before had a hold on my life I didn't even realize. I am so grateful to be on this journey with all of you!"

- Robin N



You want to change your world.

You don't want to live like this anymore. You want to change your life and how you relate to your stuff.

You've decided that it's time to do something about the "things". And that's great! So let's capture that energy while the pain is fresh (pain is a great motivator).

Maybe it's a new year and you want it to be different than last year -- and every year before that.


Maybe it's the start of a new season (a new job, a new family, a start to the school year) and the pain of your clutter is all to familiar.

Good! Let that desire for change be what carries you through and gets you to a much needed YES! to your overall wellbeing.

I want you to experience the relief and freedom that I have come to live in and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT.


It will only take 14 DAYS for you to find what that freedom can really do for you, your relationships, and your sanity!



In this 14 day course you will learn:
- How clutter effects all areas of your life
- A new way to think about your space -- and stuff
- The 3 bag--2 box method
- How to organize and declutter in 15 minutes or less each day
- How to utilize the space you have while minimizing the stuff you don't need

- The motivation to stick with it for 14 days


OK. I hear it too. That little voice saying, "You don't have time for this." That little voice is a liar and friends, we've let it speak lies to us for too long.

3 minute video + 15 minute projects = 18 minutes

Let's round up to 20 minutes.


How many minutes did you burn looking for your keys this morning... trust me. 20 minutes for 14 days is going to save you hours of your life in the coming weeks, months and years. And the results will be so much bigger than more counter space. Better relationships, less anxiety, saved money and time to invest in the dreams you haven't been able to dream for a long, long time.


If it's time holding you back, take an inventory of the time you spend search for the same thing over and over again. Do you want to stop looking for that thing? For ALL the things?

Is it doubt? "I've tried other books and programs and can't make them stick." Friend, we all have. But this is a simple system, built for real people from a woman who has lived where you are today. I would never ask you to do something I hadn't already done and made sure it actually worked. And trust me... it works!

If it's money holding you back, you can't even get two coffees for the price of this course.

It's just $8.99 until midnight Pacific time on January 1.

PLUS, there is a 100% money back guarantee!

*Note: This is NOT a course intended to make you Martha Stewart (because most of us weren't put on this Earth to be like Martha!)

Martha makes it look so easy, but we were not cut from the same cloth and thank heavens for each of our own unique abilities and talents. Living free from clutter that weighs us down leaves us room to be the person we were put on Earth to be.

Because I got a handle on my clutter, I am able to do things like sponsor my Compassion International kids, run a business, write books and actually spend time with my husband and kids - undistracted. This is the stuff that makes a difference and brings joy to my life. I want you to experience the joy that is available for you and reclaim the peace in you home!

Kickstart to Clutter Free

14 Days. 500 Things.

$24.99 USD